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February 27, 2020 Chicago IL. Aerinet Solutions Corporation and Genetica Corporation today announced the establishment of a joint venture to redefine power utilities’ 24/7 operations and business intelligence by empowering them with real-time AI (Artificial Intelligence) and prescriptive analytics to optimize their reliability, resiliency, processes, campaigns, and service delivery to the highest degree.

Aerinet created PwrMetrix, a transformational software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecosystem of solutions combining real-time benchmarking, data analytics, outage cost analysis, and utility social networking and knowledge hub.
PwrMetrix empowers both CEOs and Operation Managers with innovative software tools and business intelligence to make quick and rational decisions, and to implement changes that lead to saving millions/billions of dollars in avoided outage cost. PwrMetrix is presently used by 200+ electric utilities and rapidly expanding because of its simplicity, real-time speed and millions of dollars of savings to the utilities.

Genetica Artificial Intelligence platform Cortex transforms the strategic thinking of large organizations from their current transactional time constrained focus to one of data driven, longitudinal learning to automate and streamline business processes while taking a proactive stance in their changing environment. It delivers actionable insights at the right time with enterprise scale artificial intelligence solutions by utilizing cutting edge technologies in secure cloud computing, big data/machine learning and 5G/IoT.

Aerinet CEO, Alvin Razon stated “This joint venture will bring together a state-of-the-art AI and prescriptive analytics platform which will dramatically improve real-time data analytics, reliability benchmarking, logistics, corporate readiness and strategic planning to the agile electrical utilities.” Genetica’s, Dr. Farhad Abar, adding “This partnership will accelerate the availability and adoption rate of artificial intelligence solutions embedded in power utilities’ field operations.”

About Aerinet Solutions Corporation Aerinet Solutions Corporation, founded in 2011, is driven to create innovative software that dramatically impacts the speed and efficiency of how utilities respond to issues affecting their ability to provide safe, reliable, affordable power to the customers. Ultimately, this leads to Aerinet’s vision of improving people’s lives with the “power of synergy, innovative technology and reliable electricity.”

About Genetica Corporation Genetica Corporation was founded in 2017 at the intersection of AI, big data and elastic cloud computing with the vision to democratize adoption of complex technologies and to play a critical role in enabling companies to be proactive, automated, and connected to business ecosystems to survive in the near future.