PROBLEM: $149 Billion a Year

For over 100 years, despite electric utility investments, power outages have been increasing in both number and cost. Annual electricity outage cost to the U.S. economy is estimated at $149 Billion. Three words describe the Key challenges: SLOW, COMPLEX & EXPENSIVE as shown on the graphic below.

SOLUTION: US Patent 10,592,564!

In 2012, Aerinet solved these issues and created PwrMetrix, a transformational and state-of-the art online software-as-a-service (SaaS) that combines real-time benchmarking, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, outage cost analysis, GIS visualization, utility social networking and knowledge hub.

From slow, complex & expensive to FAST, SIMPLE & COST EFFECTIVE….

PwrMetrix empowers engineers, IT, CFOs, CEOs and Board of Directors to make quick decisions and implement changes that lead to saving millions of dollars in avoided outage cost.

PwrMetrix created a paradigm shift by accelerating the data connectivity, data analytics, AI, business decision making and disseminating knowledge transfer from months or years to minutes and now, in real-time.