How to implement cost-effective solutions

It's all About The Data

Using Data To Increase Business Operation Efficiency

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Get Accurate Data

Ensure your team has confidence in the data

Map Physical Locations

See accurate GIS locations instead of old close enough guesses

Know Who Will Be Affected

Visually see where outages will arise based on overlaying data patterns

Electricity outage costs the U.S. economy over $149 Billion

PwrMetrix changes the electric landscape by providing fast, simple, cost-effective solutions that work with your existing systems

¬†Utilities don’t need to wait until massive failures cost millions of lost revenue. PwrMetrix removes the slow process of being able to respond and creates a knowledge hub that can predict future issues.

easy solutions to transition to a data-drive organization

What is a data quality management program?

Don't worry if your data is unstructured and in different systems. Our process is to get you quickly started with 10-12 fields.

Create real-time data- driven insights

Our real-time dashboards can quickly provide you costs savings and ROI on identifying threats to your systems

Predict future issues and reduce costs

Our AI solution can predict future issues that will reduce future losses.

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What Is Data Governance?

How we protect your data

Data governance is defined as the organizational framework that applies to how data is obtained, managed, used, and secured by an organization. 

Having a strong data governance strategy allows organizations to trust the integrity of the business processes. Using tools such as AI and Machine Learning can only be enhanced if a solid data governance process is in place. A strong data governance framework is the key for a data driven approach. Data governance will allow your organization to trust the machine learning algorithms.