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The promise of AI seems somewhat oversold as a commercial replacement for everyday duties. Many people were expecting that their houses would be cleaned, the food would be delivered and meals would be cooked by a robot with AI. What a wonderful dream! Gartner references in a recent  Forbes Magazine article,  that AI Augmentation Will Create $2.9 Trillion Of Business Value. 

Today we think about data all the time.  So much so that the phrase “data-driven” is now a core part of corporate lexicons, synonymous with “good” or “well informed”.  The opposite of speculative or reactive. 

Data and data analytics are so prevalent today, it’s hard to imagine a time where they weren’t. But that time still exists in specific industries.

Chris Hamon, CEO of White River Valley Electric Cooperative in Missouri explains how his team maximizes the power of PwrMetrix AI

Using PwrMetrix AI to get ahead of future issues

Chris Hamon, CEO of White River Valley Electric Cooperative Missouri, explains how his team maximizes the power of PwrMetrix AI to predict top feeders that will experience power outages based on the time of the month and certain weather condition. This allows White River Valley Electric Cooperative to plan their future, perform predictive maintenance and limit future outages. Chris says, “when we ran the outage predictions on the AI platform and it gave us the probabilities of outages for the next month, we were a little skeptical until in the first week after all top 5 predicted feeders went out. Literally it picked all


How To Predict Weather-Related Outage

More extreme and frequent weather events are causing a sharp increase in power outages, posing growing challenges for utilities. As the demand for uninterrupted power increases, utilities are pressured to restore the service as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction, improve SAIDI and SAFI, and reduce costs.

Learn how utilities are using AI and visualization from Aerinet Solutions and their partners.

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Welcome to Connected Towns

In the world of data and AI, all of the data is becoming more connected by layering different data sets over other data sets.
More and more data sets are defining where we will live, work and build our future business.
There is so much data it is difficult to know what to do and how to free your data from the internal silos. Everyone has an idea of what the right data is to use based on what they need to tell their story. However, it is difficult to drill down to the details. It is even harder to see the how localized issues will affect the data.
Recently, new companies are defining where they will set up their electric vehicle charging station.
Although, only 2% of all cars are electric or hybrid, the move to have a more connected town is every new objective.

The connected town needs to have data stores that can clearly help towns make proactive decisions.
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