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Why Aerinet Solutions Are Different Than Other Data Solutions

Reliable power is mission critical for electric utilities. They manage several independent siloed software systems and database to provide reliable power to their customers. General managers and engineers are constantly responding to power reliability issues.

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A utility’s most mission critical goal is reliability and safety.
Utilities are constantly being forced to react about the immediate demands of outages and issues. However, there are too many issues and too little staff to deal with the current demands.

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How To Build Scenarios To Reduce Outage Costs

Between climate change and grid challenges, our experts can help you plan for the future. Our process is to build out multiple scenarios that prepare your team for the future.

These scenarios can then be used at a moment’s notice to guide your team to proactive solutions.

Scenarios examples include:

  • Building a maintenance schedule for predicted component failure.
  • Climate change issues and extreme load requests
  • Weather, natural disaster event and restoration of service models

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