what is an energy data derivative ?

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Reducing Risk by Predicting Energy Availability

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Data Derivatives are a collection of data sets that can help Enterprises and localities predict future issues

As more and more disruptive technology enters the market, the way we used to do things doesn’t cut it. Infrastructure and systems are now experiencing climate disasters or just all out failures due to new demands.

Customers can live and work virtually anywhere if they have reliable energy and a high speed internet connection. The data energy economy is allowing people to live outside of city limits and businesses are going to have to support those economies.

What is Energy Reliability Benchmarking?

As climate change continues to change the landscape, several utilities are asking, are we prepared? It could be a wildfire, snow storm or freak tornado that quickly shows the failures in the electrical distribution system.

Energy Data As A Service

Ever wonder how your state compares to other states when it comes to community resiliency and energy reliability?

Energy data can:

  1. Show how resilient a community can be to climate change
  2. Where the best use of DER would be placed
  3. How one region compares to another region regarding power restoration for businesses and emergency services

Overlaying data

By seeing the data with different overlays, governments can make more informed decisions regarding upcoming needs. Each territory can be compared to see where there is the most need in different scenarios.