NRECA – National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

In 2014, Aerinet partnered with National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) to bring the PwrMetrix Ecosystem of Solutions to the NRECA Reliability Benchmarking Group (RBG) as their standardized webtool. Since 1942, NRECA has represented 833 distribution and 63 Generation & Transmission consumer-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperatives, public power districts, and public utility districts in the United States.


Aerinet partnered with MultiSpeak® to create a seamless and real-time connection of outage and smart meter data between the utility’s Outage Management Systems (OMS), AMI (Advance Meter Infrastructure) and PwrMetrix.

VALUES & BENEFITS of MultiSpeak Connectivity: OMS-PwrMetrix

  • Automate Real-time upload of OMS outage records to PwrMetrix
  • Eliminate human error
  • Access Real-time updated reports, charts, GIS visualization and AI Predictors
  • Leverage the power of dynamic DATA
  • Develop expanded AI Predictive Solutions to resolve operational issues 


Aerinet partnered with Mapbis to integrate a state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analytics & Visualization Solution in PwrMetrix. Mapbis is the U.S. based company owned by Basarsoft, well respected GIS company serving more than 1000 businesses in Asia, Europe and Africa over the past 20 years.

Genetica Artifical Intelligence

Genetica Artificial Intelligence platform Cortex transforms the strategic thinking of large organizations from their current transactional time constrained focus to one of data driven, longitudinal learning to automate and streamline business processes while taking a proactive stance in their changing environment.

Outage Data Initiative Nationwide (ODIN)

DOE Office of Electricity (OE) hires Aerinet Solutions to promote the value of using data, GIS analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities, enabled through data standardization, across various electric utilities in the US. DOE’s goal is to support interoperability of outage data from utilities using several key industry standards such as MultiSpeak and CIM-61968-3.

The U.S Department of Energy

Aerinet is partnering with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy to provide project management and technical support in understanding the data formats and MultiSpeak interoperability standard used across electric utilities in the US. ODIN seeks to establish a comprehensive, standardized digital map of power outages that offers actionable updates in near real time to the benefit of customers, providers, and emergency management officials alike.