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Ashburn, VA – Aerinet Solutions, a data analytics platform and consulting company for the utility, insurance, and financial industry, received another patent for their PwrMetrix platform. The patent originally covered the real-time data ingestion and global comparison of utility outage data, cost, and reliability metrics. This real-time data ingestion and data comparison assisted the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association to highlight rural cooperatives energy reliability. Utilities gauge their performance compared to similar sized entities. This effort is increasing energy reliability and resiliency.

The recent patent outlines the platform’s claims beyond an enterprise reporting system.

CEO of Aerinet Solutions, Alvin Razon, explains “ Our mission is all about improving people’s lives with safe, reliable, and affordable power. By using the data in an intelligent and interactive way, we can show teams how to visualize, predict and decide in seconds to change their day-to-day operations and to ensure customers have reliable power.”

Distribution electric companies are using the system as a real-time analytical system that provides end-to-end visualization of layered data. For example, line crews can overlay weather, like a specific wind speed, to anticipate outages. Crews can capture where new flooding has caused increased restoration times. This allows the utility to plan accordingly in the future.

“The PwrMetrix platform has progressed from an intelligent real-time reporting tool to an interactive visualization prediction tool. This is critical to reduce outages, improve resiliency and save lives during these times of crazy weather.” stated Tracey Klepic, VP of Marketing for Aerinet Solutions.

The future of power relies on seeing the data. Reducing the amount of time it takes to get to customers and restore the power has become an issue of life or death. The data can reduce future outages and decrease restoration times by being proactive rather than reactive.