You are currently viewing Aerinet Solutions Appoints Marlon Umali as Vice President of Information Technology (VP IT)

Aerinet Solutions announced today the appointment of industry leader Marlon Umali to the role of Vice President of Information Technology (VP IT). Aerinet Solutions, the leading platform provider of energy benchmarking, reliability, resiliency, visual analytics, and outage AI prediction. 

Marlon Umali brings more than 25 years of global experience in IT and consulting. In 2012, he joined Aerinet as a software developer to support the original coding of the PwrMetrix system. Prior to joining Aerinet, Marlon’s professional experience included all phases of systems development life cycle. He led projects in Asia, US territory (Guam), and the Republic of Marshall Islands customizing and deploying financial and accounting systems, inventory, human resources, and vital records system.  Marlon’s previous experience in building sales and manpower management systems launched him into consulting for other organizations.  

In 2019, Marlon joined a prestigious US regional medical center working with various laboratory instruments, hospital departments, and external reference laboratories. 

Due to increased demand for the PwrMetrix data platform, Aerinet needed a visionary leader to deal with massive amounts of new data points within the data analytics platform. Marlon will lead Aerinet’s IT and the new system integration team to ingest more data layers and support over 200 electric utilities that are already using the system. These systems enable interoperability between PwrMetrix and other electric utilities’ systems, such as outage management, IOT devices, advance metering infrastructure, and others.” These new integrations are providing real-time and actionable insights which can help save lives and create community resiliency, explained CEO Alvin Razon. “Our customers speak volume about Marlon’s humility, calmness, ability to listen to their needs, and implement fast solutions for them. We are quite fortunate and thrilled to have Marlon back with us to lead Aerinet’s product roadmap to the next level. I’m sure our customers are as excited as we are to have him back”, Mr. Razon concluded.