PwrMetrix allows users to not simply report on system reliability, but to run both prescriptive and predictive analyses using the information found in outage data. It is a proactive investment to reducing the time and effort spent responding to problems. This analysis will help a utility understand:

• Where outages are occurring?
• What are the causes of outages?
• What are the financial costs of outages?
• How past performance can be used to predict future conditions?
• How to develop a plan to make improvements?

PwrMetrix also produces comparative trends on the nature, location and causes of outages, that allows a utility to see patterns over time. It analyzes cause codes to pinpoint and enumerate the specific causes of outages (such as animals, lightning, vegetation, etc.).

PwrMetrix also allows a utility to see how it compares anonymously to other utilities in reliability, sorted by utility size and location. It promotes collaboration among utilities regardless of size and system vendors.

PwrMetrix has US Patent 10,592,564